Derived from our very own Bengali language, KINO means “to purchase” in Bangla. The focus of the brand is to offer apparel that is stylish, of good quality and be easy on the pockets of the customers at the same time. Having a degree of education in Fashion Designing from abroad and being professionally involved with the garment industry of Bangladesh, the CEO promises to offer clothing with a twist and artistic touch. She wants KINO to move towards sustainable and recycled clothing in the near future. For now, every style launched will be in limited quantities, therefore you can always have something new to add to your chic wardrobe!

In a city where we constantly struggle to commute, KINO is completely online based so that the traffic does not work as a hindrance for your desire to wear stylish and comfortable clothing.

We aren’t amongst the ones who believe “nothing in this world comes for free” because we ensure prompt delivery to your doors with utmost care, absolutely FREE!