Payment Method

Check / Money order

Check Payments is a payment gateway that doesnu2019t require payment to be made online. Orders using Check Payments are set On Hold until payment clears outside of WooCommerce. You, as the store owner, should confirm that cheques have cleared before processing orders in WooCommerce. Itu2019s important to verify that you are paid before shipping an order and marking it Complete.

Saved Payment Methods

For any payment gateway that supports saved methods, these methods can be managed from the account to set a default or delete saved methods. However, these gateways support enhanced saved methods, which have a few extra features. First, the items can use nicknames (such as u201cPersonalu201d or u201cBusinessu201d), making it easy for your customers to identify the item at checkout. The nickname can be added by clicking the u201ceditu201d action for the method.

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery (COD) is a payment gateway that required no payment be made online. Orders using Cash on Delivery are set to Processing until payment is made upon delivery of the order by you or your shipping method. You, as the store owner, need to confirm payment was collected before marking orders Complete in WooCommerce.
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